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Manahan Planners,

38 Dawson Street,

Dublin 2,    Ireland.



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The Section below contains a Portfolio of  past projects.

Manahan Planners were engaged by Ryanair to oppose the plans by  the DAA to build the  second terminal as proposed at Dublin Airport.

Ryanair considered that the proposed Terminal was  an oversized "gold plated" facility  that would require landing charges  to rise  in the years ahead to pay for it. (See early image of the proposal).

 We argued that the terminal was in the wrong place in the airport and that an alternative could be provided more efficiently.  We also argued that the terminal was oversized and would require long passenger walks through  endless retail outlets rather than short journeys to the gate.

However both Fingal County Council and An Bord Pleanala granted permission for it and work  on its construction has recently been completed. The terminal is being opened gradually to the public.

With the downturn in the economy and the fall in passenger numbers going through the airport, more people are now starting to question its size. It will be interesting to watch its  level of useage in the coming years.