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The Section below contains a Portfolio of  past projects.

The Irish planning system has been to the fore for decades now in making its files available to the public for examination. In recent years these files have gone on-line and so files can be examined from the comfort of your office or home. The following are the chief sources.

Planning Applications. You can visit  the website of any Local authority to look at planning application files. Look at our LINK section for some useful links. Generally the address is

When lodged you can look at the drawings, the Application Form, Site Notice and any Covering Letter that explains what the application is for. You can also see any objections lodged. Once a Decision is made, it is possible to examine the Planning Report that analysed the proposal and led to the Decision.

Planning Appeals. It is not possible to examine the Appeal file during its consideration, but once a Decision is made the Board`s file can be examined at its website. Look first at the Inspectors Report to see how he assesses the arguments for and against a proposal, then look at the Bord Direction to see if they accepted, rejected or modified his recommendation and finally look at the Decision Order.  

Ministerial Guidelines.  The Department of the Environment issues Guidelines and Policies in relation to Planning for Local Authorities to insert into their  Development Plans. These can be seen in the Planning Section of the Departments website.

A Plan Led System. The  Irish Planning System now has a vertical hierarchy of Plans that have to be consulted and complied with, as relevant, in development proposals. These are as follows.

The National Spatial Strategy. (NSS). (See website)

The National Development Plan.

The relevant Regional Plan e.g. Regional Planning Guidelines for the Greater Dublin Area.(RPGGDA). (See relevant website for Regional Authority.)

The various Sectoral Plans for the Region e.g. Retail, Waste Management, Housing Strategy.

The County Plan. (See relevant County Website)

Any Local Area Plans.

Any Masterplans for the local area.

Statistics.The website of the CSO is a gold mine of valuable information on matters of assistance to Planners.

The website of the Irish Planning Institute contains information on upcoming events, lists of planning consultants offering their services as well as comment from the Institute on matters of planning concern and upcoming legislation.