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Manahan Planners,

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Dublin 2,    Ireland.



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The Section below contains a Portfolio of  past projects.

The owners of the Liffey Valley Shopping Centre  lodged an application in November 2012 for an exciting  development at the western end of the Centre.

The South Dublin County Council  Local Area Plan for the area proposes that this end of the centre should contain a civic square and an emphasis on leisure uses. This is part of the process in creating a Town centre in this location as set out in the Local Area Plan.

In response, the owners are proposing to develop an outdoor plaza, overlooked by 6 new restaurants, with a new retail unit and new entrances to the VUE cinema and the Centre itself. (See images below).

The development was designed by DMOD Architects and the application was lodged by Manahan Planners.

Following a request for Additional Information, the Planning Authority decided to grant permission in June 2013.  There were a number of conditions in this permission which created proplems for the development. Accordingly we appealed these conditions to the Board and were successful in amending or eliminating the difficult conditions in a decision from the Board in September 2013.

Throughout this process there were extensive consultations between the Planning Authority  and the design team. Running in tandem with this, Tesco applied for and obtained permission for a large food store to the rear (south of the centre). Both permissions are required by condition to carry out a number of improvements to the road junctions surrounding the shopping centre.