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Manahan Planners,

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Dublin 2,    Ireland.



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The Section below contains a Portfolio of  past projects.

Manahan Planners  lodged a submission to  the public consulatation on behalf of the interests listed below, all of whom operate in the vicinity of College Green. The submission was strongly in support of the proposal by Dublin City Council to reconfigure and redesign College Green to create what is being called College Green Plaza, a largely pedestrianised civic space in heart of Dublin City Centre.

The adjoining interests were,

  • ·         Abercrombie and Fitch;
  • ·         Costa Coffee;
  • ·         H and M retail outlet;
  • ·         Starbucks;
  • ·         Bank of Ireland;
  • ·         Ulster Bank;
  • ·         Superdry;
  • ·         Powerscourt Town House Centre;
  • ·         Dubarry;
  • ·         Cos; and
  • ·         Mary’s Bar/Wow Burger;

Trinity College have also indicated they support this position but made their own submission.The parties listed above are the primary retail, commercial and other interests that surround College Green.They consider that the proposed redesign of College Green will result in the creation of a new civic heart to Dublin City Centre and become a new de facto centre for Dublin. They feel it will be of huge benefit to the city, and will bring many associated benefits to its population, visitors and the many businesses in the area. 

The Manahan Planners submission argued the proposal is good for Dublin and good for business. The submission referred to the myriad of research studies worldwide that show that pedestrianisation increases footfall  significantly and increases business turnover for the area in question.

This research showed  that motorists do not necessarily purchase more than pedestrians, cyclists or public transport users.

A study of consumer expenditures in British towns found that customers who walk spend more per week than those who drive, and transit and car travellers spend similar amounts. Customers who arrive by foot and bicycle visit the most often and spend most per month on average

This survey found higher weekly expenditures by consumers who travel by walking than those who drive or ride transit to downtown shopping districts in the UK.





On foot




Other (taxi, cycle...)


Table 3: Consumer Expenditure by Mode (Accent Marketing & Research) Mode Weekly Expenditures.

An Bord  Pleanala was urged to grant permission.