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Manahan Planners,

38 Dawson Street,

Dublin 2,    Ireland.



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The Section below contains a Portfolio of  past projects.

Change of use to coffee shop won on appeal.

Dublin City Council decided to refuse permission for the change of use of the PINK shirt shop in Dawson Street to a coffee shop. The Council determined that Dawson Street was an important retail street and were opposed to the loss of retail floor space from the city centre. They refused on grounds that the proposed development “would result in the erosion of the retail character of the street”

Manahan Planners  appealed to An Bord Pleanala on behalf of PINK, and argued in the following manner. We pointed out that,

The Councils own Retail Strategy supports the presence of cafe's on Category 2 streets, stating "complementary non-retail uses such as a cafe and restaurants that add to the vibrancy of the street and create a mixed-use environment to provide for a more integrated shopping and leisure experience, will be considered favourably but with regard also to the primary retail function of the street."

We argued that “the proposed cafe will bring increased vibrancy to this part of Dawson Street and will arguably bring greater activity than the existing clothing shop and generate larger flows of pedestrian footfall.”

We pointed out that “Dawson Street has a strong presence of commercial units.  As the economy has strengthened recently after a protracted downturn, there is a greater demand for office space in the city centre and on streets such as Dawson Street. A plentiful supply of cafe's, restaurants and bars in the local vicinity has become an increasing priority for occupiers and prospective tenants of these commercial premises.

It was our contention that this proposal would not diminish or alter unacceptably the character of the street. It would increase the footfall, dynamism and attractiveness of this end of Dawson Street as a city centre destination and would enliven the city centre in line with Development Plan policies.

An Bord Pleanala decided to grant permission. It noted that the  Development Plan and Retail Strategy,

provides for encouragement of the local traded sector and uses complementary to the main shopping focus such as cafes, bars, restaurants and galleries that contribute to the vitality and viability of the area and to the pattern of development in the area,

it is considered that the proposed development would contribute to the vitality and viability of the area, would not set an undesirable precedent for similar such development and would, therefore, be in accordance with the proper planning and development of the area.