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Manahan Planners,

38 Dawson Street,

Dublin 2,    Ireland.



SKYPE.- Contact Tony.Manahan

The Section below contains a Portfolio of  past projects.

Manahan Planners  lodged two applications for change of use of two of the ground floor units of the Ballsbridge One development  spanning from Pembroke Road to Shelbourne Road in Ballsbridge. All the units along this new pedestrian street were approved for retail use and the construction of the development is nearing completion. 

Permission is sought to convert Unit 2 on the Shelbourne Road frontage to a high end restuarant to be known as the Shelbourne Social. Following a request for Additional Information Dublin City Council granted permission in April 2018.

In a separate application permission was sought to convert Unit 1a to a Butlers chocolate cafe.  This was also granted permission in April 2018.

Both units are at the entrance to the new pedestrian street from Shelbourne Road and will provide an attractive additional facility for the office workers in the new development and the surrounding area.

Happy to be part of the team to secure planning permission for "the Shelbourne Social", the sister restaurant to Fade Street Social in the Ballsbridge One Development. This exciting new restaurant will enliven and put New Pembroke Street on the map!